Blood+ Fancomic [ Reunion]

So it’s been quite a while since I made a monochromatic doujin/fancomic and by quite a while, I mean, 2 years, lol. The last one was in 2020 with the AUU. ^^;;

I apologise for being slower than before as I am out of practice with the comic-creation process as of now but hopefully the more I make them, the faster I become. I did try to put as much effort as I can with this Blood+ fancomics because…. it’s my first Blood+ doujin and I loved the series since 2006/7 so I wanted to give as much justice to the series through not half arsing it, haha. (Though there are minor mistakes I overlooked, ORZ.)

Very special thanks to Rin for helping me out with this so much and for providing the 3d assets esp with. the Cello Case of Haji. You spared me from the frustration of drawing that hell of a detailed coffin cello case repeatedly, haha. Lots of love <3333

UPDATE [14 OCT 2022] : edited some minor composition mistakes, grammar errors and added a few missed details.

READ Left -> Right.

Warning: I have a rant before the general commentary at the end of the post so uh if you’re not interested in my whining, this is a heads up, lol.

NOTE: This is part of a compilation of short/long comics in an AU which Rin named Blood ♭.

Blood ♭ Synopsis:

With Diva defeated, Saya falls to her 30 year sleep. The Schiff, surviving the Thorn, live on alongside Kai, Riku and the others, while Mui and the rest of the D67s are cured. Meanwhile, Hagi is left heartbroken and without a purpose in a life he didn’t expect to be living, while Kaori patiently awaits the day her love will awaken. Together, they find new ways to live in ways, and a world, they never saw coming.

I ship them so hard, haha. srsly.

It all started when me and Rin made the au last year with Kai and Irene and the schiff surviving and living a normal life. Rewatching episode 21 where Ghee appears made me think in that au we made, he’d probably apologise to Hagi for what he did in that episode and be plagued with guilt for impaling him with a spear and stabbing him two times, haha so he’d find ways to make it up to him. The entire scenario just spiralled out of control in my head and ultimately ended up finding them so cute together and shipping them. A Stoic, gothic man and a genki guy can have the best chemistry I think.

I also have a thing for woobies. Ghee has silver/white hair and green eyes. He. likes to act happy but suffers deep down. He is like Ryou (with only one episode of screentime) so ofc I love him, haha.

I do think Hag/ji is much better off moving on rather than sticking with Saya cuz first, Saya seems to prefer women (at least from what I saw in the series, she gives off total lesbian vibes) and second, this guy has a super unhealthy devotion towards Saya. He friggin’ stopped drinking blood for her. Like, are you effing kidding me? He’s a vampire! He needs blood to live and apparently he hasn’t drunk blood for the entirety of his vampire existence all because it scared Saya once. It’s like not eating or drinlking at all to appease to your crush or rather, thinking it would appease your crush. Honestly, the more I dig into it, the more codependent the relationship is, gahh. And their relationship seemed to be so obligatory throughout the series aka comphet af imho.

Ofc this isn’t shitting on whoever ships them. They’re free to ship them, BUT I won’t because of these reasons.


RANT aside,

With blood+….I was a kid back when the series aired here and I remember being so heartbroken with the ending.

I was so invested in the schiff and kairene and felt like there was so much more to develop with the characters compared to the canon ending so I’d imagine scenes where they live their happily ever after and that was just it. All the stuff I wanted to see and share to others about my favourite characters were only in my head. I couldn’t put them into something more…concrete and substantial, so to speak which is why I was super frustrated at myself for not being skilled enough to draw at that time. All I could draw back then were fucking blobs, lol.

It was depressing. I’d even resort to tracing on pictures of them in magazines and other prints. (I didn’t upload them online dw.)

Now that I’m skilled enough to draw them, I wanted to use this fancomic as a way to show how far I’ve come as an artist and at least be able to tell the stories I (and Rin cuz I got her into the series and ships bwahaha) wanted to share after all these years and seeing them get drawn by someone like me, someone who had always thought that they’d never ever be skilled enough with making decent art let alone, a doujinshi / fancomic. It makes me more motivated to draw when I see how far I’ve come.

Of course, I’m not where I want to be atm but I’m at a much better place compared to my 2007 self when it comes to drawing that’s for sure, haha.

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