Blood+ Fancomic [ Reunion]

So it’s been quite a while since I made a monochromatic doujin/fancomic and by quite a while, I mean, 2 years, lol. The last one was in 2020 with the AUU. ^^;;

I apologise for being slower than before as I am out of practice with the comic-creation process as of now but hopefully the more I make them, the faster I become. I did try to put as much effort as I can with this Blood+ fancomics because…. it’s my first Blood+ doujin and I loved the series since 2006/7 so I wanted to give as much justice to the series through not half arsing it, haha. (Though there are minor mistakes I overlooked, ORZ.)

Very special thanks to Rin for helping me out with this so much and for providing the 3d assets esp with. the Cello Case of Haji. You spared me from the frustration of drawing that hell of a detailed coffin cello case repeatedly, haha. Lots of love <3333

UPDATE [14 OCT 2022] : edited some minor composition mistakes, grammar errors and added a few missed details.

READ Left -> Right.

Warning: I have a rant before the general commentary at the end of the post so uh if you’re not interested in my whining, this is a heads up, lol.

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