Mirror! AU – FUOH: Feelings –

This short comic takes place in a Mirror Verse so Kaiba here is OOC, lol. (Same with Jou).


Thanks for reading~

The url stuff is just for formality btw, haha. I usually put those in comics that are like 15 or more pages but I thought of adding it here because there’s a lot of space in the last page and it would be a waste to just leave it so blank, lol.

I promised to show some BTS stuff so here they are:

So this idea was from almost three years ago, it was the first time I’ve used a b6 notebook for ideas and storyboards and I found them very convenient since I felt more comfortable drawing in a smaller notebook. Not to mention, it being portable helped so I could bring it anywhere, lol.

Anyway, that notebook is filled with so many comic ideas like these. (I’m already on my third b6 notebook, haha.) it’s kind of a shame that it took me almost three years to. execute this idea into a comic but things and life get in the way, sadly.

I overestimated myself thinking I could finish this in a few days but alas, it’s expected for me to be slower than before because I’m out of pratice with drawing Kaiba and Jou , ygo characters and comic making in general.

Plus RL to attend to, haha.


….I just wanna draw 24/7. ORZ

But it feels good making comics. I t’s good to remember why I make them in the first place. ^^


MIRROR! AU – Smile-


Managed to finish this comic…and gods, my back hurts so bad. ORZ 

(I have to take a rest after this..)

Anyway, decided to post this five page doodle reply or rather, comic reply here. It’s my first time drawing peachshipping….Their mirror version at that, pfft. 

But Peachshipping is a very adorable ship that I wanna develop more if I have the time. I can’t remember the last time I drew Yugi and I think I may have drawn Anzu only once during my whole stay in the fandom… 

so I do apologize if they seem off. I barely draw those two. (They’re so cute together though :’))  

Thanks to my partner Rin for all the help and encouragement. You’re the best~ ❤

Anonymous said: How is Mirror Yugi and Anzu’s relationship as GF and BF? Is it all badass or does it actually have its sweet moments? (I can so see Yugi acting like a love sick dork because he’s got Anzu as his girl) 







“The things I do for love…”

It’s a mix of both. They’re definitely boyfriend and girlfriend and have been for a long time. They love each other but  Yugi wants to act tough, aggressive and stoic but Anzu prefers to be open with her emotions, and is the more openly romantic one of the two. Anzu is the only one Yugi feels completely unreserved around and open to.