last updated: 14 October 2022

NOTE: Co created with Rin / Riyawrithi


Blood ♭

Blood+ | Hagi x Ghee ✧ Saya x Kaori ✧ Moses x Karman ✧ Kai x Irene |

Friendship/ Romance / Slice of Life / Drama |

With Diva defeated, Saya falls to her 30 year sleep. The Schiff, surviving the Thorn, live on alongside Kai, Riku and the others, while Mui and the rest of the D67s are cured. Meanwhile, Hagi is left heartbroken and without a purpose in a life he didn’t expect to be living, while Kaori patiently awaits the day her love will awaken. Together, they find new ways to live in ways, and a world, they never saw coming.

Status: Ongoing

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An Unconventional Union

 Yu-Gi-Oh!| Deathshipping (Fem! Ryou Bakura x Yami Malik)| Friendship/ Romance / Slice of Life |

After Ryou encounters Mariku, believed dead, in a convenience shop, the pair form an unlikely, and initially rocky friendship. As they spend time together, playing games, feeding ducks, talking, they begin to fall in love, supporting each other through highs and lows, and the troubles of daily life, work and being different in a society with so much pressure to conform.

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Status: Ongoing

Mirror! AU

 Yu-Gi-Oh!| Deathshipping (Ryou Bakura x Yami Malik)| Romance / Slice of Life |

In a world where characters are somehow the opposite of their canon selves, Ryou Bakura ends up forced to do community service for vandalism. He finds himself in Mariku’s shop, Charity and Dragon, a charity shop he’ll be helping out in for his community service, with the threat of prison time if he rebels. He slowly begins to like the owner, but he’s torn between it and his friendship with Yugi, who insists that Ryou can’t “betray” him by turning back on Yugi and his gang’s law-breaking ways…

Status: Under development

From Up on High (Mirror! AU Side Story)

Yu-Gi-Oh!| Puppyshipping [Mirror! Verse]| Seto Kaiba x Jounouchi Katsuya | Romance / Comedy / Slice of Life |

In the mirror universe, where characters’ personality traits are reversed, Seto Kaiba is the kind and compassionate CEO of KaibaCorp. Jounouchi is a calm ex-member of Yugi’s gang, becoming friends with Seto after seeing the error of their ways. As they become closer, they find they feel more than just friendship for each other…

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Status: Ongoing

◆ The Place Where the Light Falls

Yu-Gi-Oh!| Citronshipping (Thief King Bakura x Malik Ishtar)|Friendship/Romance/Adventure/Action |

In Ancient Egypt, Thief King Bakura’s life is changed when he encounters a wanderer named Malik and the two team up, growing past their initial antagonism. But the ones responsible for Kul Elna are still free, and Bakura won’t rest until he gets revenge on them…But can he burn the world if it means killing Malik, too? [ FIC ]

Bakura’s life has been predictable for a long time. Steal, eat, sleep, repeat. Malik has been…Whatever his father told him to do. But after meeting and becoming partners, the pair’s daily routines and goals change and morph together as their relationship deepens, bringing new humour and happiness into their lives.  [ COMICA compilation of slice of life citronshipping comics in non-chronological order, showing Malik and Bakura’s life together in Ancient Egypt, their friendship and romance. MxM]

Status: Under development

The Season of Us (Pocket! Citron)

Yu-Gi-Oh!| Citronshipping (Thief King Bakura x FEM! Malik Ishtar)|Friendship/Romance/Adventure/Slice of Life |

In ancient Egypt, Malik’s father worked under Akhenaden. One day, he returned home in a panic and the Ishtars fled. He became controlling, paranoid, refusing to say why they’d have to leave or what scared him so. One day, Malik runs away after discovering his plans to marry her off, encountering a skilled but short-tempered and withdrawn bandit. They strike a deal; he’ll train her in the skills she needs, she’ll help him rob the tombs. But perhaps there’s more to this self-styled King of Thieves than he lets on…

A comic anthology showing snippets of Malik and Bakura’s life together; not necessarily in chronological order . (M/F)

Status: Under development


  • Family! AU 
    • Yu-Gi-Oh!| Deathshipping (Fem! Ryou Bakura x Yami Malik) Thiefshipping (Fem! Malik x Yami Bakura| Family/ Friendship/ Romance / Slice of Life |

After marrying, Mariku and Ryou move to a small town in the countryside to raise their daughter and live in a more peaceful environment. They learn how different daily life is as a husband and wife who both work, and how different their new home is to their old one in Domino City, as they take the next steps forward in their life together. Meanwhile, Bakura and Malik have a baby, Akil, and learn how to be parents, in their own ways.

Status: Under development

  • Fairytale! AU
    • Yu-Gi-Oh!| Deathshipping (Fem! Ryou Bakura x Yami Malik)| Historical Fantasy/ Romance / Slice of Life |

In the Kingdom of Domin, Ryou is the princess. Her family rules the kingdom with her brother, Prince Bakura, set to be the next in line to the throne. But Ryou is uninterested in their privileged life, isolated from common people and surrounded by snobs and likes to sneak out in disguise to see the world as normal people do. One day, she bumps into a carpenter, Mariku , and the two become close, but every trip is a risk and she can only hide her true self for so long…

Status: Under development

  • Elem! AU 
    • Yu-Gi-Oh!| Conspireshipping (Ryou Bakura x Yami Malik x Malik Ishtar x Yami Bakura|Family /Friendship / Slice of Life |

Bakura, Ryou, Malik and Mariku all go to the same school and live across the road from each other. The Ishtar brothers suffer under their abusive dad, while Mr. Bakura completely fails to keep Bakura and his pranks under control. They talk, laugh, fight and play together.

Status: Under development