Mirror! AU – FUOH: Feelings –

This short comic takes place in a Mirror Verse so Kaiba here is OOC, lol. (Same with Jou).


Thanks for reading~

The url stuff is just for formality btw, haha. I usually put those in comics that are like 15 or more pages but I thought of adding it here because there’s a lot of space in the last page and it would be a waste to just leave it so blank, lol.

I promised to show some BTS stuff so here they are:

So this idea was from almost three years ago, it was the first time I’ve used a b6 notebook for ideas and storyboards and I found them very convenient since I felt more comfortable drawing in a smaller notebook. Not to mention, it being portable helped so I could bring it anywhere, lol.

Anyway, that notebook is filled with so many comic ideas like these. (I’m already on my third b6 notebook, haha.) it’s kind of a shame that it took me almost three years to. execute this idea into a comic but things and life get in the way, sadly.

I overestimated myself thinking I could finish this in a few days but alas, it’s expected for me to be slower than before because I’m out of pratice with drawing Kaiba and Jou , ygo characters and comic making in general.

Plus RL to attend to, haha.


….I just wanna draw 24/7. ORZ

But it feels good making comics. I t’s good to remember why I make them in the first place. ^^